Thursday 28 January 2016

Sad, Mad or Bad

Kevan Konnor Collins, subject of this post (link) has decided that it is easier to remain in hiding by producing a sicknote to the Gazette reporter that knocked on the door. So we thought we would look at the facts again and ask some serious questions.

The MOD said "
THE Ministry of Defence says its initial checks with the Parachute Regiment have found no record of a Thanet councillor's disputed service with the unit.
A spokesman for the MoD said enquiries with the members of "airborne fraternity" had failed to identify Democratic Independent Group leader Councillor Konnor Collins as a veteran.
Cllr Collins has previously stated he served 19 years in the Parachute Regiment, rising to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major and receiving numerous commendations for gallantry.
The ministry was unable to officially confirm or deny Cllr Collins' claimed service without extensive checks with the Army Personnel Centre's disclosures department. However, the MoD did confirm enquiries with 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment, a unit which the councillor has been photographed wearing the badge of, had "drawn a blank""

Read the story here (link)
So did Collins use his alleged non-existent service to gain some sort of advantage at the TDC elections and is he still doing so. Take a look at what was published on Facebook.
Then once elected he carried on with this history. This collection of emails was sent by Collins during the training period when he was an independent councillor.
Values and Behaviour seems something sadly missing in his repertoire however some of the comments from pro manston supporters state he was led into faking his army career so we were wondering just who knew him well enough to manipulate him or is this just another red herring.

It also seems many believe that the silence from Collins is more to do with the potential harm to the Pro Manston cause because he is the founder of the only political group who have made it their only hobby to get Manston reopened. Personally I think the electorate deserve more from their councillors and others think the same.

 So we have a situation that doesn't go away despite being known about since October 2015 and must be getting worse for Collins's self-esteem and reputation but what is the same whether he is Sad, Mad or Bad is the letting down of the people who live in his ward and they deserve a councillor who will look after them.

I will ramble on here if more information comes forward because I am surprised the Leader of the Council is letting this situation get worse.
A statement from the Council Leader this morning:

"Chris Wells The MOD's statement to the Isle of Thanet Gazette that they can find no record of Konnor Collins ever having served with the Paras has confirmed wha...t many have suspected for some weeks. Konnor Collins is a con man. Even that understates the awful nature of what he has done. Konnor Collins, in lying about his military service, has stolen the virtue and bravery of those who have actually won the medals he falsely claims.
Collins was unmasked by his own bluster, using medals he has not earned on an application to the court for damages against three fellow members of the Council. He sent it for publication in the newspaper before the defendants knew of his accusations. And from that single act of reckless bravado, the extent of his lying and cheating has gradually been revealed.
Collins claims disability on the back of a non existent army career. He may be disabled, but he ain't no military veteran.
Partner of many years, Helen Smith, was elected alongside him, their appeal being based on these disgraceful lies. Named, shamed, and beneath contempt for any who have served in the armed forces, both should immediately resign as councillors, having clearly brought their elected office into disrepute.
Behind them stands close friend and PA, Dr R John Pritchard, who claims academic excellence, research and legal experience, and has known since before the election that Collins military record was not provable. Pritchard could have stopped Collins being elected; and as Vice Chair of Save Manston Airport, could have saved SMA the embarrassment of publicly backing conman Collins.
54 councillors do their best for the isle. Clearly these two, and their trusted PA, have been in it for all the wrong reasons. All three should slink away in their shame, and trouble us no more.
Chris Wells. Leader UKIP Group South Thanet. 07825203043
Press release, 28 January 2016

Saturday 23 January 2016

Newington reverts back

Well it seems that the Newington By-elections shows that their experiment with UKIP has fallen by the wayside.

Congratulations go to Karen Constantine (TDC) and Susan Kennedy (RTC) have romped in for Labour overturning the May Election when Vince Munday won both seats for UKIP.

So what does this mean? Not a lot really as the only winner was apathy as only 764 votes were cast out of an electoral possible of over 3000.

Karen Constantine (Lab) 288 (38%)

Duncan Smithson (UKIP) 229 (30%)

Adam Dark (Con) 156 (20%)

Alan Hodder (Ind DIG) 49 (6%)

Ian Driver (Green) 20 (2.61%)

Jordan Williams (LibDem) 10 (1.3%)

So what does this tell us about Thanet?

Firstly within Ramsgate Wards UKIP better start showing that they have things under control as Labour are fighting back.
Secondly the Conservatives have a long way to go before they are seen as an effective force in Ramsgate Wards
Thirdly Labour are the only serious force for redeveloping the former airfield seeing as Alan Hodder (who stood on a DIG ticket) had the full support of the Pro Manston supporters and could only poll 6% of the vote. In the Ramsgate Town Council election the DIG candidate R. John Pritchard polled even less votes.
(Surprising really as with this CV he should be made a saint

Still I suppose the people of Newington showed what they thought of elections full stop by only a quarter of them bothering to vote.

The other item of note was the appearance of the leader of DIG Kevan Konnor Collins (him of Cumper fame) at Newington Parish hall where he cast his vote, we presume, for his sidekick R. John Pritchard despite being too ill to make a statement of how he gained all those honours without seemingly ever being in the armed forces.

Saturday 16 January 2016

DIGging a hole

In May when UKIP won in Thanet one of their biggest issues was finding the right calibre of candidate and in the quantity needed to run the Council. And when 5 of their new found Councillors decided to jump ship after throwing all their toys from the pram and form their own group called the Democratic Independent Group (DIG) the local political pundits had a field day.
Now it seems there is something strange in their group, The Councillor for Northwood seems to be a strong supporter of the Pro Manston campaign however he seems somewhat cagey about his own personal credibility and has been challenged by the "Walter Mitty" group who take exception to people "stealing valour" from genuine heroes
Now take a serious look at the medal cluster which include an MBE, The Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) The Military Cross (MC) and the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
Yet this (alleged) decorated war hero tried to join the Royal British Legion a year ago and was declined. Why!! it seems he said he was a Regimental Sarjeant Major in the Paras, he served in the Black watch and did a stint in the SAS during which he assisted in an embassy siege in Peru.
The Walter Mittys have always provided their evidence to the person they are outing which would have occurred in December 2015 so its odd that no comments has been forthcoming from Konnor but then he seems to spent much time out of the limelight in Margate hospital.

His former leader Chris Wells had this to say
And when that statement occurs we will post it on here, however I really don't understand why a more proactive stance on vetting the candidates cannot be done. It seems you cannot just trust people's word anymore.
Also Kandy Jones you are such a hypocrite defending someone because someone makes an allegation yet you and your mates have no problems spreading innuendo, hearsay and bile when it suits you. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. or even "let those without sin cast the 1st stone" and from what I hear certain people campaigning in Newington are doing just that, Maybe you should ask your mate why he is doing it "a smear campaign before truth" so funny
seems Dan you and your mates have no hesitation in spreading rumours. Pray where is your truth of why I live in Southampton now and just what is it I'm supposed to have done to FORS? Your mate keithy says everyone is innocent until proven guilty but one word from you and oops.

Saturday 2 January 2016

lessons unlearnt

Do you all remember this blog "Groupthink and the rise of the thug" well it seems SMA the Facebook group have failed to learn the lesson.

Take a good look at this (apologies for the language)
Seems their interest in Manston doesn't extent to manners or Morals. Further there is this comment from SMA reported on another FB page

"People may also like to note that our message remains positive, unlike Spencer Brooks from the failed Save Manston Airport campaign, who apparently would like to drop a bomb on certain individuals, simply because they disagree with him. Sounds reasonable - not."

 Whilst on the subject of turkeys voting for Xmas here is the flightpath over Ramsgate along with the dearest wish of the pro airport supporters.

Be careful what you are voting for should you wish to have an airport running a massive freight hub