Thursday 20 February 2014

Open Space

The first of the 3 open space meetings was held tonight in the Oddfellows Hall and although only 30 odd people attended all felt it was a good meeting.

South Thanet MP Laura Sandys and 4 TDC Councillors were in attendance and all the areas discussed will be added to topics discussed at the next 2 meetings at Kings Hall and Newington Hall.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Military Road, Ramsgate

The Port manager has recently been promoting the alongside harbour road and is trying to attract new business to the area. The road extends from the bustop along to the west wall of the Royal Harbour and finishes with the Church which offers services and coffee.

Then comes the former home for smack boys (which doesn't mean boys being punished :))
Selling boats seems to be handy next to a harbour methinks

There seems to be at least 5 units for rent which could mean businesses such at Paolo's in Broadstairs and GB Pizza could be very welcome in Ramsgate and would revive this end of the harbour.
We went into the newly opened Chocolate Lounge and tried their coffee and cake and very nice it was.

And the chocolates look lovely.

Other business along here look to be doing well.

My suggestion for the Port Master and Ramsgate Town Council would be to get signs at the top of Jacobs ladder and at the bus stop to promote all the business along the Military Road.