Tuesday 18 March 2014

Sunday 16 March 2014

Spring clean Winterstoke Gardens

With thanks Dave Steele of the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront a Spring Clean of Winterstoke Gardens on the Eastcliffe was organised on the 16th March in glorious Spring like weather. With temperatures hitting 18C Dave Steele, Rebekah Smyth. Kandy Jones, Barry James, Bob Bowling, Rebecca Sewell and Maxine Morgan started work cleaning up a huge area on the Eastcliffe. (apologies to anyone I missed)

Cllr Clive Hart and his wife Sandra who happened to be out enjoying the sunshine met with our volunteers and expressed his gratitude that the community spirit is alive and well in our beautiful Ramsgate. He said plans were afoot to redress the feelings of Ramsgate residents where spending on our wonderful town seems to be neglected. He also said we were doing a great job improving the area for the benefit of the people of Ramsgate.
Nice and clean
Now all this needs is the benches fixed, the graffiti removed and a coat of paint
Starting them young
With thanks to Thanet Council and Ramsgate Council for the loan of the equipment.