Monday 20 January 2014

Why we need Neighbourhood planning

When people are involved in shaping their local surroundings, the benefits can include:
  1. Additional Resources
    Governments rarely have sufficient means to solve all the problems in an area. Local people can bring additional resources which are often essential if their needs are to be met and dreams fulfilled.
  2. Better DecisionsLocal people are invariably the best source of knowledge and wisdom about their surroundings. Better decision-making results if this is harnessed.
  3. Building community
    The process of working together and achieving things together creates a sense of community.
  4. Compliance with legislation
    Community involvement is often, and increasingly, a statutory requirement.
  5. Democratic credibility
    Community involvement in planning accords with people¹s right to participate in decisions that affect their lives. It is an important part of the trend towards democratisation of all aspects of society.
  6. Easier fundraising
    Many grant-making organisations prefer, or even require, community
    involvement to have occurred before handing out financial assistance.
  7. Empowerment
    Involvement builds local people¹s confidence, capabilities, skills and ability to co-operate. This enables them to tackle other challenges, both individually and collectively
  8. More appropriate results
    Design solutions are more likely to be in tune with what is needed and wanted. Involvement allows proposals to be tested and refined before adoption, resulting in better use of resources.
  9. Professional education
    Working closely with local people helps professionals gain a greater insight into the communities they seek to serve. So they work more effectively and produce better results.
  10. Responsive environment
    The environment can more easily be constantly tuned and refined to cater for people¹s changing requirements.
  11. Satisfying public demand
    People want to be involved in shaping their environment and mostly seem to enjoy it.
  12. Speedier development
    People gain a better understanding of the options realistically available and are likely to start thinking positively rather than negatively. Time-wasting conflicts can often be avoided.
  13. Sustainability
    People feel more attached to an environment they have helped create. They will therefore manage and maintain it better, reducing the likelihood of vandalism, neglect and subsequent need for costly replacement.

 "The professionals need to consult the users of their buildings more closely. The inhabitants have the local knowledge: they must not be despised. People are not there to be planned for; they are to be worked with… There must be one golden rule ­ we all need to be involved together ­ planning and architecture are much too important to be left to the professionals."
HRH The Prince of Wales, A Vision of Britain, 1989

Monday 13 January 2014

An iconic image being restored

The Royal Pavilion Ramsgate, empty since 2007, had become largely ignored and vandalised since Rank moved out to Westwood Cross.

So the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront decided to take a hand and spruce up the old girl over the weekend of 11/12th January 2014. Making an appeal for volunteers using their Facebook page and getting Ramsgate Town Council to pay for the paint work started on a bright Saturday morning.

The other main job was the digging out of the beach steps covered over by the tidal surge which also extended round the front of the building.
A special thanks also to the skateboarders who lent a hand painting and digging.

Volunteers were Barry, Duncan, Kandy, Matt, James, Dave, Abbie, Lucy, Will Scobie, Julie Marson and many people who turned up for an hour and helped before moving on.

So whatever happens with this iconic building it proves that local people want it looking good and preferably open.
Julie Marson said: “I congratulate the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront on their superb efforts to clear up and repaint the Pavilion over the weekend.
“It demonstrates real community spirit and commitment to Ramsgate and it shows that we can all play a part in making our towns places to be proud of.
“It was a pleasure to contribute in a small way and I look forward to more of the same.”

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Friday 10 January 2014

Worth a study

Ramsgate Town Council have asked the team from Worth Nr Deal to give a presentation on their recently submitted Neighbourhood Plan.

Find out how a local community has already taken control of its future through the Neighbourhood Plan.  Come to the presentation by the people of Worth on Wednesday 22 January at 2pm in King’s Hall, Ramsgate This hall is in the centre of Ramsgate, where King’s Street crosses Queen’s Street.  The Loop stop is a stone’s throw away on the Harbour.  (King’s, Kings Street, Ramsgate CT11 8NN)  There’s also a big car park at Union/Staffordshire/Brunswick Streets.

If you can't make the date and time, have a look here