Friday 8 July 2016

What do Friends of Ramsgate Seafront exist for?

In September 2014, whilst still the Treasurer of the constituted group I announced at a committee meeting that I was moving to Southampton as I was going to become a grandfather in May 2015. I made arrangement to sell up my business in the Medway Towns (anyone who has sold housing knows how long that takes) and get the business up and running in Hampshire. At the time the committee consisted of a few stalwarts like Dave Steele, Kandy Jones and a couple of others and thoughts were on managing Winterstoke Gardens and the possibility of another music festival.
However it became clear that Kandy was not going to have a festival working with Angela Stevens and by January it was clear it wasn't happening.
Reward for all an offshoot of the National Lottery Fund had granted us £10K towards the festival and it became clear this money would have to be returned as soon as it hit FORS bank account.
Mum became ill early February and was taken to A&E where I stayed all night. When I returned home to change clothes I received a phone call from Jones ranting at me over some FB comments and I realised that she had completely lost it. (She apologised later but it seems that was fake as well).
Communications were curtailed after that and I dealt with another committee member for the return of the unneeded monies and collated accounts up to and including the end of March and returned same to another committee member for safekeeping.
John Davis had never been part of FORS not even when it was a steering group. I have never met the man and I suspect neither had any of the original FORS members.
To make it 100% clear there has NEVER been any Covenant in any paperwork owned by FORS neither has there EVER been any mention of a Covenant at any meeting attended by either the steering group or FORS when it became constituted in November 2013.
This story is entirely a figment of John Davis's imagination and its terminology is incorrect as if it existed it would be a restrictive covenant attached to a piece of land registered at HM Land Registry.
The Covenant wasn't burnt in any fire at Ramsgate Library. What was stored in the basement at Ramsgate Library was old files pertaining to Ramsgate Corporation which was merged into TDC in 1974. Ramsgate Library isn't Land Registry and if it existed it would still be registered not lost in a fire in August 2004. Neither could it be in Janet and Geoff Woods files as they would have used it against Ezekiel's administration in 2004 when they campaigned against Royal Sands in 2004.
Neither have I kept it, destroyed it, or otherwise disposed of it because it doesn't exist. John Davis seems to believe in the existence of an imaginary piece of paper and it subverting a constituted group for his own ends. I will make this clear he has no personal knowledge of myself and can only have gossip pumped into his ear by a deranged person or people.
Yes John, research done by Janet and Geoff and myself. Janet's was borrowed and photocopied and returned. John's grasp of reality is extremely strange especially as he has no 1st hand knowledge of events. I doubt he can name any of the steering group, when and where they met and how many petitions they presented to TDC. Maybe he can explain just why no one used a restrictive covenant for leisure when the campaign ran from late 2012 to Feb 2014 to stop the Royal Sands from being built on.
Now as I said I have NEVER had any personal dealing with the man so all his information must come from someone close to him but it is obvious he has no idea how long I lived in Ramsgate nor has he any idea of how to conduct himself in a public forum either.

So John I saw you discussing this with ex-councillor Vincent Munday some while ago, and do you remember the advise he gave you. "Put up or shut up" when are you going to take that advise and while you are at it wheedling yourself into a constituted group to subvert it takes a special kind of person.