Sunday 26 November 2017

Paul Joseph Messenger

It does seem that politics and campaigning seem to merge into farce at times and the current Ramsgate KCC Councillor, Paul Joseph Messenger, seems to be proving the point. Not content to be getting a regular pasting on We Love Ramsgate Facebook page (his words) he has decided to prove the point by agreeing that Southampton Airport is in a far better geographical position than Manston ever was.

He posted this on his timeline
Actually what this author actually said to him was this:
So I repeat 1. I am not against planes 2. I am against Freudmann. A man who was struck off as a practicing solicitor for misappropriation of his clients monies. A man who has NEVER run a successful airport and a man who has somewhat dubious business practices.

So all this "support" on your page is somewhat ironic seeing as all it does is give some rather dubious individuals the opportunity to insult this author. Is this really what you want to be remembered for, inciting abusive comments?

So let us use some facts to compare Manston and Southampton airports.


In 1932 Southampton Corporation purchased the site and it became Southampton Municipal Airport. By 1935, part of the site was being used by the RAF and was briefly known as RAF Eastleigh before it became RAF Southampton in 1936. It passed back into civilian ownership in April 1946.
During the 1950s a mainstay of business for the airport was the cross-channel car ferry service operated by Silver City Airways.
Donated to the war effort in 1915 it became an RN station until being transferred to the RAF in 1917. After WW2 it was taken over by the USAAF until circa 1959 when the RAF took it back. In 1959 Silver City Airways had an enclave operating a cross channel car ferry service.



Unfortunately Manston was bankrupted in 2005 when the money ran out (and who was in charge Anthony Freudmann)


The airport lies in Eastleigh at the junction of the M27 and M3 right next to a railhead and Parkway station. The catchment area exceeds 3M people covering Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke and numerous small towns on the South Coast. Although there is a rival airport at Bournemouth Hurn there are far more routes at Southampton.
The airport lies at the end of the Thanet Way 35 miles away from the nearest Motorway. The catchment area comprises the North Kent Coastal Towns of Medway, Whitstable, Herne Bay along with Canterbury and Ashford. At its best there were few routes for passengers and probably the most successful was KLM with its Cityhopper service(which at best was only 50% full in a 78 seat Fokker aircraft. There is no dedicated Rail Service.

In summary Southampton has been successful simply because it is better located, with better transport links, and a far bigger catchment area.
Manston simply cannot compete with everything Southampton has however despite what Messenger says This author isn't promoting Southampton over Manston because there simply is no comparison.

For all those that wonder whether airplanes are the problem then think on these taken from the garden.

To make it 100% clear Freudmann is the issue not Manston however using the position of KCC Councillor to smear someone who simply has a difference of opinion is abuse.