Thursday 27 August 2015

the vitriol carries on

You would have thought that 4 months after leaving Ramsgate the idiots spreading rumours would have given up however it seems paranoia and conspiracy are still alive and kicking.
So John Davis I'm still being paid. Can you provide some proof or is just more lies and conspiracy theories.
Can't wait John copy of what?
Pleasurama Covenant? What the one that doesn't exist? Read here
Police advised you to do what? visit to collect what didn't belong to FORS along with a minder.
Interesting seeing as no paperwork belonged to FORS either so what lies did the police get told?
How interesting seeing as FORS didn't exist before November 2013 so can you explain in plain English just what it is that has gone missing and seeing as you weren't a member just who has been pulling your strings?
I'd love to know how I was "screaming abuse and bullshit" seeing as I was upstairs during the filming except right at the start when I said "I have nothing to say to you, go away"  Maybe you should post the video again so others can hear? "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"