Saturday 7 December 2013

Neighbourhood Planning

Would you like a say in how this will look in 20 years time?

Ramsgate Town Council have started a consultative process that will give the people of Ramsgate a chance to have a direct input into how Ramsgate will look in the future.

A small group has met to provide an roadmap to ensure this process succeeds

Come and tell us how you think Ramsgate should be 20 years from now. the group statement of intent:

"We are a group of volunteers.  Like you, we live and/ or work in Ramsgate.  If we don't make a plan, then developers will be able to do anything they like in Ramsgate.  If you help us, together we can decide the kind of place we want to live and work.  Then the developers will have to follow our plan.

You’ll see below 3 timings and places.  Choose one that suits you best.  And then, just turn up!  There will be no long speeches.  Councillors and MPs won't be telling us what we should have.  It’ll just be you and us!

Bring your packed lunch.  You’ll get a cuppa – in fact, lots of cuppas.  In return, tell us what’s important to you about Ramsgate in 20 years time.  We will use your info to start the plan.  Maybe you will keep working with us until it’s done?  Then you and everyone else in Ramsgate will vote on whether the plan is a good one.

If you want to ask any questions about where you will be coming to, then please email or ring the place directly.  Details are below.  Bear in mind we’re all volunteers.  Even the meeting places are giving us space for free.  All have disabled access.  If you want to ask any other questions about the space, please contact them directly.  If you can't wait till the day and want to ask us something, we prefer email, or Facebook

You can help by passing this invitation to everyone you know who lives or works in Ramsgate – especially if they don't have internet access.  If they have internet access, do please forward this email, and like us on Facebook, or do anything else that will tell people how they can join in.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in February.

We are – Barry, Duncan, Emma, Kandy, Mariette, Peter, Sue"

The background to the process can be viewed here under locality planning and a quick guide can be downloaded from here

Come and join our Facebook page or send us an email if you have any questions.

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