Sunday, 1 November 2015

Propaganda War


It is what the people of Thanet and East Kent want.
Where do I start? even if the whole of the FB group SMA are all local (which they aren't) or real people (which they aren't) they only represent 12% of the Thanet Electorate. That's the 1st lie

It will improve connections for business and ultimately again for passenger traffic. Since 1999 no civil aviation concern has ever made a profit at Manston and in fact even when the latest venture with KLM was up and running the average was less than 50% full (CAA figures) However in actual fact there are no plans for passenger flights in the submission from Riveroak. Further Lydd has had its licence extended so with a bigger catchment area they are better suited to provide those links. Another lie

Restoring the flight training company TG Aviation to its rightful home is morally the right thing to do.If it is then they need to discuss that with Cartner & Musgrave, however aren't they at Lydd now?

A mixed used development will only add to the demands on the existing services in the area and risks (through incremental changes at Planning) a high density development that is unsustainable for local schools, GP surgeries, and other services.
As per normal that will be dealt with under existing planning laws something that the pro supporters know little about. Before you say you do can you please explain just why the plans for 850 houses at Manston Green got passed?


It will generate real jobs straight away. High quality jobs, not building jobs and zero hour contracts for warehouse staff relating to a project that nobody in the area asked for or wants.

You quite obviously have no knowledge of Riveroaks plans as they project less staff than were made redundant.
Although they do show a nice little earner for the Exec in charge. I wonder who that will be?

With Emergency Search and Rescue services provided by Bristows and Airbus in the mix inward investment would arrive in short order.
Except they aren't. They have gone to Lydd and there is no plans currently to bring them to Manston.

The high-tech recycling, tear-down, flight training and Cargo operations would just be the start of a new phase and renaissance for Manston Airport. The past operators are not a good indicator of the potential for the airport for many reasons.

Tear down is not high tech. Cargo operations is the only thing Riveroak are offering in fact their projections do not include Flight training or anything else. "The past operators" such as Wiggins and Planestion, run by Tony Freudmann, made such a success that they went into receivership taking with it much hard earned money from locals. Tony Freudmann walked away with a smile on his face according to locals who were at the terminal on the day he closed the doors.

The bigger picture to relieve other South East airports and free up slots for Passenger flights at a time when existing airports are at capacity provides an economic advantage to Manston Airport and provides a neat solution to a complex problem.

Except that the recent deliberations of the Parliamentory committee did not even short list Manston and that when it was asked to consider it by Infertil. Manston has been rejected in their deliberations at every turn since.


Saving Manston Airport effectively saves Thanet's major Green Belt between the North and South of Thanet. Airports need large open areas with large grass run off areas - Manston Airport offers this.

And so does the plans from Cartner & Musgrave. In fact they are better because people currently cannot access this area as its blocked by a fence which stops people enjoying the area. A new parkland will open this up for leisure in a massive way.

The fact the runway sits above a major aquifer makes it an ideal position to protect the aquifer whilst using the land in an non-invasive manner. There is little need to build high density property and the existing road network is sufficient and in place. 

The proposals (which are still being consulted on) have no high density housing on and only call for 2500 houses.
A tear-down facility has the potential to harm the environment as does spillage from hydraulic fluids and aviation fuel.
There is a significant risk from deicing fluids and from spillage of aviation fuel ( a greater risk currently due to the lack of fuel farm and refuelling from tankers)
Any commercial use will be only allowed after consultation with planning and input from Southern water. In fact much has been allowed to be built piecemeal on top of the aquifer with little being done to regulate it by Southern Water.

Building a mixed use development risks contamination of the aquifer close to an area where fracking of old coal mines may begin causing localised earthquakes.

Fracking is not possible anywhere near the Manston site due to the geology of the land. You would do well to review the people who gave this advice as it is simply scaremongering much like the whole campaign.

The area is unsuitable for housing due to the nearby military base, firing range, sealed contamination from the Cold War and the sensitive animal rearing for testing business nearby

Have you actually been to the site as there is existing housing there. Have you looked at Esmonde Drive etc. There seems to be no issues for the residents that live there. Do they perhaps glow in the dark?

Then we get to the lies being pedalled by the 3 Tories on Thursday's Cabinet meeting supplemented by the 4 Councillors that defected from the UKIP party and set up on their own. Besides the fact that they have let down those that voted for UKIP their moral compass should have told them to resign and stand again. At least Mark Reckless had the courage of his convictions.
Firstly there has never been plans for 10000 houses submitted to TDC plannin.

The current Local plan calls for 15660 dwellings to be built before 2031. With just under 4000 already being built or with planning permission granted. That's DWELLINGS not houses remember. So around 11000 DWELLINGS left to find on land in Thanet in the next 16 years.
As a minor point the maths is totally incorrect as the average in a household is 2.3 not 4.
The biggest reason people have issues finding a doctor or dentist is to do with the housing density allowed within the town centres so enabling a controlled expansion out of the centre of town will mean more room to breath and more opportunities for young people to get out of the private rental market.

So with feeling I say to the Pro supporters STOP SCAREMONGERING.


  1. In my opinion, the pro-airport campaigners have belatedly realised that their entire campaign has been fought using negatives. Firstly, they have used the threat of high density housing to scare people into supporting the reopening of the airport. Secondly, they have run a nasty vendetta against Ann Gloag and then, against Cartner and Musgrave. At no point did they ever bother to even try explaining the benefits of an airport to the residents of Thanet. Ian Connor's piece looks like a hurriedly thrown together attempt to justify the CPO and, as with all things which haven't been thought through, it fails miserably. As Barry has pointed out, the arguments all rely on false claims; the problem being that SMA have repeated these things so often that they actually believe they are true. We are fortunate to have a cabinet which has stood up to the bullying and intimidation from the SMA group. Let's hope they can maintain this courage to push on with developing the redundant airfield.

  2. I made the fracking bit up as a wind up. Are you saying they ran with it ?

  3. To the last anon who posted at 12:08 why didn't you put your name to it?

  4. The key reason I didn't put name on it is because I'm a coward. I enjoy abusing and libelling people online and your blog allows me to do this anonymously. If you didn't allow me to log in anonymously I would have to make up a pseudonym like one of the ones I use on SMA.

  5. Libel Anon 18.59 is a tad more complicated than you think. If you represent yourself to be a reasonable person and you can spot a statement for a lie then it is not libel.

    I thought it was widely known who made the fracking story up.

    The same chap who wrote about Pikeys on Simon Moores blog then complained about it on Eastcliff Richard and set the pair against each other. Proving that ECR valued his anonymity more than his purported principles.

    1. Hi 18:59 you cant just be aving a grin,about all this hopefully,this problem afects you as well,think about all the people this afects and if you could how could you help a .Who says you are a coward? You see someone fall in a river you would try to help,thats not being a coward.
      Ask Humpty Dumpty!