Friday, 30 October 2015

Has the fat lady begun singing

In short this is unlikely to be the end of the ongoing Manston saga simply because TDC cannot say NO MORE.

Last night 29th October 2015 the UKIP Cabinet voted 5-1 to reject Riveroak's bid to become an indemnity party. What they didn't vote for was an end to the CPO of Manston Airport.

Today the war of words continue. Konnor Collins ( a Ukipper who defected ) threw down the gauntlet to Chris Wells.
Not sure this is very bright however its his future. Councillors should behave with a lot more decorum IMO.
The Thanet Gazette reports the following today

THE spokesman for the Manston airport site owners, Ray Mallon, says Sir Roger Gale is to blame for Thanet council's failed attempts to compulsorily purchase the airfield.
Mr Mallon launched an attack on the veteran North Thanet MP after the council last night rejected US hedge fund RiverOak for the second time as a partner with which to reopen the airport.
Conservative Sir Roger has long championed the American firm as a suitable financial backer to fund a Compusory Purchase Order (CPO) of the site for the local authority.
Mr Mallon said: "There are three elements to the CPO process. First of all, the council needed a financial partner, secondly they have got to advance the process and thirdly they have got to win it.
"Thanet District Council was not able to jump the first hurdle, it failed miserably.
"So who do I blame? I do not blame Thanet District Council. I do not blame the officers of Thanet District Council.
"I blame the Member of Parliament, Sir Roger Gale. This is down to him- he is to blame for this folly.
"To begin with, he got into bed with RiverOak without realising what substance they had. On top of that, he has acted as their advocate.
"He did not question them publically, but did more than question others.
"He attacked and smeared all and sundry who dared to disagree with him. He attacked the current Thanet council leader [Chris Wells, Ukip] as well as the previous leader [Iris Johnston, Labour].
"On December 3, he used the words 'political cowardice' to describe the leadership of the council.
"I would submit it was more cowardly for Roger Gale to hide behind Parliamentary privilege [at a Transport Select Committee hearing] and call Ann Gloag a liar."

Also today Bob Bayford said he would like to lead a "coalition of goodwill" political speak meaning I'm gonna have a vote of no confidence then ignore officer advice and stitch everyone up like we did over Pleasurama in 2009
The supporter pages are full of recriminations and advice

Well will the Vote succeed currently the numbers are as follows
UKIP 27 (however Vince Munday will be resigning and another election will be held)
Tories 19
Diggers 5
Labour 4
Independant 1

Assuming both labour and Indie abstain then it will be 26 to 24.

Time will tell as to how together the UKIP party is but really does Bob want the poisoned chalice that is Manston?

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  1. This coalition of goodwill is a ridiculous idea. Bayford may say that he (and his cabinet) would have signed the deal with RiverOak, but he knows that they wouldn't have gone through with it against legal advice. He also knows that Labour wouldn't sign a deal with RiverOak in a month of Sundays. The Labour Group took a lot of flak for turning RiverOak down last December and it probably damaged their election result. No doubt they feel utterly vindicated by what's happened since the election. Why on earth would they get involved in doing a deal which, essentially, admitted that they were wrong all along. In any event there are several prominent councillors from both Labour and the Conservatives who, after learning of his history, would not sign a deal if Tony Freudmann was involved. Bayford knows all of this. He's just throwing it out here so that he can claim he tried to save the deal. It's politics, nothing more.