Sunday, 4 October 2015


The one thing about the Save Manston campaign that is almost a trademark is the people that say one thing and then do the opposite. Take this exchange on the 8th August 2015.

You certainly supported me Chris. Look at the level of support?

With friends (?) like that who needs enemies.

 BTW Mr. Dan Light the original poster of the last is a committee member of the SMA, so when he posts this crap he forgets he is dragging the campaign into the gutter. Do we really think you can divorce your puerile utterances from the laudable aims of the original campaign and before you get uppity remember I have never bad mouthed you up until you started acting like a playground bully.

One of Loudhailers' main whinges is the alleged grief they get from others, has it never dawned on them that the start of the ill feeling has always been the way their campaign has been conducted and they use the fact that people do not like being bullied and when they fight back do not be surprised. There is a saying "If you cannot take it don't dish it out." And while the subject is being aired just because you shout loudly doesn't mean you have a great deal of support.

Take today for instance, it nears the end of the 30 days of silence and Keith Churcher self-styled leader of the Save Manston Campaign shouts in his own way that a demonstration is needed to show support by waving flags and being together. Seriously Keith?
Seriously Toy
Well you got your answer Nick Toy you do look silly! what a non-event! A lovely sunny non-working day, what are your excuses for such a dismal turnout 0.44% of your supporters. If that's your idea of a great event you need to resign oh yeah you do it for love.
 Well SMA have 9000+ members so you would have expected a massive level of support, seems shouting loudly doesn't cut it nor does bullying people work, and neither does posting crap on Loudhailer that you think funny.

While we are talking about those that support Manston your arch enemy based in the USA is Paul Abela, a person various people on Hailer have accused me of being. Personally I think you ought to look again especially as Cheesewright has accused me of being Abela. So explain this conversation?
So when Abela defends Cheesewright are you really saying I am defending Cheesewright and if you look deeper they have a lot in common. They are both redneck, expat trolls, are we sure they aren't both the same person, are we really so naive.


  1. To the anon who posted utter rubbish today would you add your name to the post so you can be sued in court. Without a name libel will not see the light of day

  2. What's the objective of this blog ?

  3. Having read the comments on Manston Loud Hailer, that well known Pro-Manston supporter site, and this blog I think BARRY IS UNDERSTATING THE venom about him on MLH. There is however an easy way to stop Barry reposting, what you on MLH post, that is to stop posting insults and he will have nothing to screenshot. Simples

    1. Anon 15:35 they are a bored bunch of immature w*****s playing in their kindergarden because nothing is happening in there campaign and nothing is going to happen. CPO is not going to happen end of. The likes of trailer trash Cheesewright and failed FORS member Davis are only using MLH to carry on their vendetta against Barry James. They are not interested in the airport. And as for Spunkie Delight I will leave him to Paul Abela to humiliate which I enjoy reading on FB

    2. Oh dear the bullies are out late tonight playing in their kindergarden. They think you are running the NO CPO page on FB Barry James. Sorry you are getting the blame. For all those trying to guess on MLH keep guessing lolololol. They seem to be obsessed with you thought the group was about getting Manston back but with the likes of trailer trash Cheesewright and failed FORS member Davis you can't take their campaign seriously.

  4. friends with cheesewright hahahahaha