Wednesday, 9 September 2015


One thing that has been apparent over the past year is the increasingly desperate nature of the Pro-Manston support however there is a small cadre of, mainly male, people who have a problem accepting that others have a different view of Manston than they do. They have increasingly found it necessary to identify those in the other camp who stick their heads above the parapet and attempt to coerce them into keeping quiet through cyberbullying.

"The objectives of bullies are Power, Control, Domination, Subjugation. They get a kick out of seeing you react. It doesn't matter how you react, the fact they've successful provoked a reaction is, to the bully, a sign that their attempt at control have been successful. After that, it's a question of wearing you down. The more your try to explain, negotiate, conciliate, etc the more gratification they obtain from your increasingly desperate attempts to communicate with them. Understand that it is not possible to communicate in a mature adult manner with a disordered individual who's emotionally retarded."*cyberbully link below

Lack of Conscience*link below

One of the most notable characteristics of a sociopathic serial bully, which sets them apart in society, is that they feel no remorse and appear to have no conscience.
They see nothing wrong with their behaviour and are oblivious to the difference between how they want to be seen and how they really are seen by others. It's like having a musical conductor who doesn't know and can't read the score, but who conducts the orchestra anyway, and expects applause.
  • When something goes wrong, the bully will instinctively blame someone else before accepting responsibility.
  • Bullies will take (or persuade others to take) decisions that are extremely damaging to other people, without the slightest concern for the effects of the damage on the person affected.
  • Serial bullies know that leaders are supposed to be assertive, and they believe they are. However, assertiveness is the ability to express emotions and needs without violating others' rights and without being aggressive. Bullies are aggressive, and their actions are aimed at causing harm, without any care for the pain and damage they cause in the process.
As a qualified Accountant taking 3 years of study to achieve my degree I find the comments hurtful however those that feed the ego of the original poster do so with the same lack of conscience. And it seems that many of the so called more vocal antis come in for the same attacks.

This is damaging the entire Pro-Manston campaign to the extent that in a recent poll conducted on "We Love Ramsgate" when shown 4 simple statements 2-1 voted for the Legal owners plans however what was much more apparent only 4% of those able to vote bothered. Many felt unable to express an opinion for fear of being targetted with abuse.

FREE SPEECH does not give anyone the right to ABUSE.


Please consider the effect of liking Facebook posts that are purely posted to cause harm, banter it isn't and you are as guilty as the original poster.

Note: If you want to make a critical comment have the courage to affix your name to the post. Being able to post as an Anonymous is a privilege.


  1. Barry James if I were you I would not bother engaging with those w*****s, don't feed the trolls.They are a complete waste of space hiding in their little group being very brave behind their keyboards. Just concentrate on WLR mate.

  2. I'm on MLH and l'm pro manston supporter. I want the airport back but do not want a cargo hub. I personally think its gettting out of hand with all this nastiness and bullying. You have all gone too far now so give it a rest. A certain person is going on about data protection because Barry James has shown their profile pictures and names well if you don't want that to happen stay off social nedia. Didn't one of you take a photo from Barry James timeline and put it in to the group to take the piss and it is now being used in other open group for others to take the piss. Also if I was a well known journalist in Thanet I wouldn't be getting involved in all this nastiness. Doesn't do your reputation any good.

  3. Hey I may not agree with you on your anti Manston Airport and your arguments for no CPO do not stack up, but as comments on this site show as a Pro Manston Airport person I have no problems showing who I am unlike the Anti Pickle group who hide behind anonymity. maybe if you came from behind your cloaks maybe then I may consider your anti arguments but until then there is no point to your asinine argument.

    1. Mike Jackson 1stly where did I say I didn't want Manston to have passenger aircraft much like Southampton. I suspect you will struggle to find any comments by me saying I am anti-Manston. I am however against a freight Hub with the finance by an American Hedge Fund hiding behind the anonymity of a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation.
      2ndly I am not involved in the Manston Pickle website other than the occasional posting which incidently is the only avenue for posts from both sides seeing as both SMA and SuMa take great delight in both removing posts and people whose opinion doesn't coincide with their own.
      If you want to pick a fight with Pickle go to their page and post it is nothing to do with me.

    2. Barry James I really don't understand while you bother engaging with these arseholes. Just let them get on with it in their closed group on MLH. They moan when Paul Abela ridicules them and they are doing exactly the same thing to you.Its obvious they are bored today and spending time in their kindergarden taking the piss. I think Smee has too much time on his hands, probably nobody has given him a story to follow up on. He has lost my respect as a journalist. Nick Toy runs to mummy and daddy in MLH when he doesn't get his own way. Then twists everything. We musn't let the truth get in the way of a good story Mr Toy. Then we have ole Stevie Cheesewright all the way from the USA spuiting violence along with his lapdog John Davis. The rest are not worth mentioning. How can anyone take these pro supporters seriously. I don't, so just let them get on with it like bullies in the school playground.

  4. Barry Freight 1st Passenger second , Without the thriving freight side and the dismantling of planes at Manston Airport passenger only flight has proven unsustainable without huge investment. RiverOak have said that they want to develop the Freight and tear down side then look at the passenger side of the airport which to me sounds like a great business plan, as in 5 years when Paramount pleasure park to rival Euro Disneyland is up and running we will need a thriving airport in Kent as Gatwick & Heathrow are to far and Southend airport is on the wrong side of the M25. my point above was not aimed at you personally but to those who post on sites like this anonymously like pickles and the like, say what they want without repercussion of some slanderous remarks they make.

    1. Mike other than voting for an attack on me on MLH what is your post to do with the bullies on MLH. Please deal with the content of the original post. I have, despite their propaganda on MLH, never bullied anyone on We Love Ramsgate. Posts only are removed because of the words used in the post. If the wolfpack on MLH do not want to understand that, its not through me explaining poorly.
      As anon at 16:04 says "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story".
      Do you really understand Cheesewright, Davis and Brook's agenda and why they have a problem as it is more than the airport issue. Ask them about the secret videoing of my wife by the Chairman of "Friends of Ramsgate seafront" and the posting of it on Facebook. I wonder how you would feel if that were your wife and family?

  5. The problem is that the pro-Manston campaign has morphed into something it never was. Initially, you had people campaigning to keep the airport open. Then, when it closed, the focus shifted to getting it reopened. When it became apparent that the legal owners weren't going to reopen it the campaign morphed again and became a campaign to back a compulsory purchase. At about the same time, the tide of filth and bile directed against Ann Gloag really got out of hand and the campaign group began to fragment, with some of the members engaged in nothing more than a misogynistic vendetta. And that's really all that is left. The current attempts to prevent TDC from authorising a change of use, have nothing to do with what is good for Thanet and everything to do with getting back at the owners.