Wednesday, 2 September 2015

They live among us

Believe or not there are some that believe Lee Rigby's death never happened and he is a figment of imagination. This is according to a judge who described Christopher Spivey's behaviour as abhorrent as he made Lee Rigby's family's lives hellish. This is from the Daily Express today, and the article goes on to say "Nothing would ever convince Spivey that he was wrong".

Further the article says "Such people all function perfectly normally in everyday life and before the birth of the internet most Conspiracy Theorists were harmless and caused no great sensation other than incredulous laughter in a pub. NOW they can disseminate their views sufficiently widely to hurt survivors or families and even attract others to their cause"

Now you might ask what has this to do with anything however it seems that not only is John Davis still peddling his conspiracy about a Covenant on the Pleasurama site and still accusing the author of somehow stealing said piece of paper he is now involving a new UKIP Councillor in his dream. The original story was discussed at length here "Covenant my Ass" and he seems now to have decided that not only is there a Covenant (which he is unable to prove) this author has somehow got the only copy in existance.

Well John, firstly TDC have no idea what you are talking about, neither has Michael Child (A well respected Ramsgatonian with many years experience of the whole Pleasurama saga), neither has David Green an ex-Councillor who actively campaigned against the development, with Janet Wood, through 2003 -2010 and who sat in the Cabinet prior to losing the election in 2003 and sat again in the Cabinet from 2011.
So if you have any "Credible Witnesses" where are they?
Vince says on an open FB page "Then produce the documentation" and "This is really Academic, hearsasy will not hold up in Law" all good advice John except he forgets "Conspiracy Theorists will never change their minds" however I do believe conspiring with others to cause harm to others is a criminal offence, so John here is a challenge for you. Are you prepared to visit a police station and make a statement under oath that I have in my possession any evidence that proves your Conspiracy Theories? Remember it is also a criminal offence to waste police time especially on such a witch hunt

Oh and Jon Brooks if Vince wants to have a chat about said Conspiracy Theory I HAVE NO ISSUE IN TALKING TO HIM. Plenty of people have my mobile number.

In other words John Davis "Put up or shut up"

BTW John spell it out, Just who is paying me? Do you have some evidence or is this more libellous remarks which you are infamous for?

Definition of a Land Covenant " A restrictive covenant is a private agreement between land owners where one party will restrict the use of its land in some way for the benefit of another's land. Restrictive covenants, once agreed between the parties, are placed in the title deeds to the property. They bind the land and not the parties personally."


  1. Reading the above it seems to me that you are more the 'toxic individual' John Davis. Are you the same person on the FORS committee. I was going to join the constituted group but I don't think I will bother now. IMHO FORS has lost its credibility.

    1. Anon 19.11 I totally agree with the above, FORS has lost its credibility. I am a memeber of the FB group and I was disgusted when they posted a video on there which Kandy Jones had secretly filmed on Barry James doorstep.

  2. Another vile toxic individual in all this is Steven Cheesewright who resides in the USA. Lets hope for Ramsgate's sake he stays there.

  3. To the last anon, that posted at 21:08, posting as anon is little short of cowardice. btw I made it clear I'll have no problem with meeting the police and would welcome whoever you are in having the courage to post in your own name. Maybe you can pop down to Margate Police station and make your statement under oath.