Sunday, 22 November 2015

The case of mistaken identity

It's amazing what can happen when you happen to get a letter of the week published in Kentonline especially when you have an insular group of conspiracy theorists who wind themselves up into a frenzy and who fail to have anyone grounded in reality.
Robert Bird sent the offending letter and I have posted it above, however because it wasn't complimentary to the pro-Manston crowd they were quite upset so on a slow Saturday they decided to work out who Rob Bird was,
 In full flow they identify him as Robert Bird a LibDem KCC Councillor
 Oh Paul your perceptiveness is a joy to behold Shoes!!! same name!!!
 Very clever deductions OMG and Dan Light "He could really be for the high jump"

Maybe a warning would help
Knowing they read my tweets this was sent to a friend. Did it work? sadly no
Maybe someone posting to their FB page dropping heavy hints they are barking up the wrong tree might help

"Mistaken Identity results in Hate Campaign

A KCC Councillor has been singled out and made a target for abuse, after protesters wrongly accused him of being an internet troll.

Sharp eyed members of a group trying to save a now closed commercial airport, who pride themselves in their ability to join the jots, declared the Councillor guilty as charged in one of their infamous online kangaroo court hearings.

The compelling presenting evidence against the Councillor - which included the birth name given to him by his parents and the fact he has a beard - was further compounded by in-depth forensic analysis of his footwear.

The jury pondered for around 12 minutes before reaching a unanimous decision of GUILTY!

The Shoe is the Sign

It has been ordered that the Councillor be sentenced to an overflowing inbox of hate email, a twitter campaign to 'out' him, alongside ubiquitous random accusation and slurring of his innocent name on facebook.

He will not be entitled to an appeal." Original post

Did that stop them speculating? Did it heck it seems to confirm to them they were right and the warning were an attempt to put them off the scent

Super sleuth Dan Light on top form.

From a Psychological point of view this could get someone a dissertation degree and it goes back to Groupthink which I discussed here.

BTW Some advice for would be sleuths and reporters get some confirmation of your facts BEFORE you make unfounded accusations especially on the clues you have. one picture (wrong) a pair of shoes (wrong) and a malfunction of a twitter account.

Seems the owner of the shoes isn't Rob Bird
posted 2311/2015
Still believe then Dan Light. This rather shows your gullibility notice Smee has taken a back seat


  1. Looks like a hush puppy to me,Why did'nt inspector no LIGHT bulb not make a citizens arrest of Freudmann,who would of done a deal and dropped Gale in the frame,Dropped as in Suma dropped Gale.Get Freudmann,Gale,Soardes,Joshi,yanks ect etc in different interveiw rooms,Not Margate Police station,and you will find out who's who in the Trick thay've all played at part in,and some still are.
    Humpty Dumpty would attend,In person with all the bits and pieces needed to unscramble the whisked up story they put together,which would be conspiracy to.....,all sorts! I would think then any new,run an airport investers would think again;Links to freudmann would turn up,and they would wind up in the dock as well,would'nt You! Ask Joshi what he thinks on that one.SEE YOU.

  2. What rude and nasty people and Facebook site. Do they all live local Barry? They are on thin ice being rude to anyone but especially a kcc councillor who's done nothing wrong at all.

    1. Dunno but they should get out more seems they are stuck in the 19th Century when thugs and cutthroats abounded. Maybe humpty can give them some advice they certainly don't listen to normal people

    2. Humpty gave them advice on Freudmann/Gale April 2014,they chose not to listen.Some! would be required to attend court when that time comes,as at least a witness, possibility even more.

    3. Anon 09:21 most of them do live locally. Now their campaign has failed the pro supporters have nothing better to do than hurl abuse at the anti's. All very childish IMHO. They are all nasty, vile individuals who need to get a life. There are some really good active Community groups in Thanet ( FORS excluded. Two of their members are regular posters on MLH. The bully page on FB )

    4. When keyboard warriors feel there are no repercussions they do not care about sanctions. If they were down the pub face to face they might think twice

    5. Humpty Dumpty dos'nt like debating with Drunks down the Pub,Humpty would rather have a confo in a dark room,and there would be no thinking twice,or running away,Cheers!

    6. Anon you say FORS members are on this 'bully page'. Do you mean committe members or people who have joined the group?

    7. Anon I meant Committee members. I believe they are Chair and Vice Chair.

  3. Anyone know the 4 mystery investors or is Wells making it up. Without a ukip majority the other parties will need to know?

    1. Mystery investors,like the first one who pulled out for legal resons,who sir Roger Gale found and sent straight to Freudmaan.I feel you are going to find the big shot,British/Irish Mystery woman to be on talking trems with guess who?

  4. I'm sure local people would throw their hands up in horror to realise locals are acting in such a cloistered way, however no one pulls them up about it so they carry on as if their behaviour doesn't matter.

  5. Roger Gale gets even sillier: now saying the Manston lorry park not being used therefore now frees it up to be reopened as an airfield. Surely he means it's failed as both a lorry park and an airfield on his watch?

    1. sir Roger Gale again on the Manston used to be airport.Every time Roger makes a statement its got Manston this Manston that,so he's getting paid by the Tax payers to help hes mates to grab the land from Tax payers so hes mates can trick the Tax payers out of an Airport/Jobs.
      Three speed walking stick,is what he needs! Woops here comes Humpty Dumpty,Remember Meeee.

  6. Woz it the 3 speed thing,or something else,Barry?