Sunday, 6 December 2015

Save the bees

When Panther decided to knock down the disused building opposite Lovett's in the High Street Ramsgate little did they know that the Town Team would decide to promote the plight of the bumble bee. (As they didn't care about Health N Safety at the time I doubt they cared either)
They left behind a poorly painted blue fence.

Great work by all of the people who made this possible and when the song is ready I will endeavour to place it on here.
Ramsgate Town Team said
" We had a magnificent time at Lovetts today singing, dancing and making music with ‪#‎JennieMatthias‬ formerly of the Belstars. She wrote the Lyrics of our Bee song, Skip McDonald wrote the music and Adrian Sherwood Remixed it and Jennie, Skip and Adrian Produced it. We will have the song to post later which is good enough to be the Official song for the Save the Bees Campaign and a video. Here are some photos of the panels the local Artists painted to hang on the hoarding. You ain't heard the last of this!!! Big, big, thankyous to all."
Artists Robert Onion, Lesley Gray, Sally Harris, Betty Boo Onion and Molly-pickle Marguerite Morgan, Helen Whitehead, Catherine Harvey, Jeni Butler, Peter Gerard Askew, Mike Samson, and Gill Cleaver

Jo Hanchett added "Hi Barry the Town Team under the Chairmanship of Rebekah Smith developed the initiative. The Town Team bought the 4x4 sheets which the Artists painted in their own Studios. The hoarding was painted by Town Team Members Chair Rebekah Smith and Jon Hanchett assisted by Charlie Smith Rebekahs husband. Jo Hanchett Vice Chair of the Town Team bought the Ocean Blue Paint and decorating materials. The Artists' painted boards were returned to Lovetts for safe storage. Michael Morgan Dad of Artist Molly Morgan asked one day, who was fitting the boards to the hoarding to which Jo replied 'you are'. He took the challenge and with his brother Neil Morgan hung the paintings. Toby Taylor the well known PA provider who also spends his time introducing buyers to properties at Lovetts has a lot of contacts in the music world. He got Jenny Matthias to agree to come down which actually ended up with Jennie writing the song Skip McDonald recording the music and Adrian Sherwood mixing it. Mayor Trevor Shonk was invited to cut the ribbon and he joined in the singing and Music Making in the Lovetts office opposite the hoarding.
Jennie Matthias sang the words and about 20 Artists and friends sang the chorus. We danced and made music with various pieces of percussion whilst Jennie lead the singing. Jennie filmed the event. She is narating the film and will You Tube it. Our music will be sent to Jo Hanchett. It is so good we want to push it further."
Finally please sign the petition: Save The Bees here


  1. Nice pictures. I assume that permission from the owners of the land was obtained before these were attached to the hording.

    1. BUZZ off Fred To Bee or not to Bee,Haha No disrespect to you Fred.