Saturday, 12 November 2016

SP05 Manston Airport site

Because we have a local plan in consultation stage the former brownfield site at Manston has caused some discussion in TDC's planning department. The current draft plan has had to be amended as no viable plan has come forward to enshrine the brownfield site for aviation use. The current draft plan has this to say about Manston.

This has changed for 2 reasons firstly No credible offer has come forward since the airport closed and secondly because TDC has spent £50K of ratepayers money to get an evidenced based report into the viability of a functioning airfield.
The rationality of the decision is laid out as follows:-

The policy has now become the following

Needless to say the many airport supporters are incensed with Chris Wells coming in for the normal hate speech which the admins of the various groups are failing to deal with, however the worst of the vitriol is aimed at the prospective new owners of the housing with xenophobia and racism top of the list.
So what started with a letter in the Gazette has been blown up out of all proportion with the final nail in the coffin of the former airport site.  See previous blogpost

Any screenshots that are publishable will be added to the blog


  1. It isn't over to the fat man sings!!!?.

  2. Looks like a New Town on the quiet to top up TDC reserves

    1. Not as quite as they hoped off.