Friday, 11 November 2016

Put up or just shut up

Today the 11th of November 2016, Armistice Day, the Thanet Gazette has printed a letter from our esteemed leader, Chris Wells.
I reproduce it on here and I hope that what he writes is actually understood by the pro-Manston supporters. I'm not holding my breathe.
To Beau Webber you talk of Riveroak preparing to spend £300M to £400M however talk is cheap. When they last prepared a business plan with costings their credit line available was $1.6M and a letter from a midwest bank of $400K.
So Beau why are you still believing their lies? Have you never heard of gilding the lily or the word "The Mark". Just because you are desperate to succeed should not blind you to the fact that you are being taken in by a confidence trickster.
Ruth you are asked why you do not accept the Avia report? (paid for by TDC at a cost of £50K from public funds) It was requested because the Local plan (currently being written) has to have evidence to support Manston as a viable business. The Falcon report (£10K) said it would take £100M and 20 years to make it a viable going concern. The Avia report has said it will unlikely to ever be a going concern yet you and your fellow protesters will not accept it despite your having zero aviation experience.
So what did Riveroak (to remind you no other suitor has come forward) do about a report which says it will never be a success. Well to remind you again, they said:
So Avia deliver their report to TDC on October 4th 2016, 9 days later Riveroak make a statement but a whole month later Riveroak are continuing to develop their "plan" but no rebuttal as yet.
I will remind you airport supporters we have been here before in 2014 Riveroak were asked for a business plan and they failed, 2016 has come and gone nearly and Riveroak have failed yet again.
It isn't surprising though as they have zero experience with running an airport and Freudmann, their lead, only has experience in failure in running Manston.
On the 2nd November the anti Riveroak supporters said:
"It criticises Avia for not reporting on the RiverOak business plan. This’ll be the business plan that we have all been waiting for since early 2014, we presume – you know, the business plan that is soooooo confidential that it can’t be released until RiverOak swagger in to the Planning Inspectorate with its DCO application sometime in 2017. Hilarious. Here’s a tip, RiverOak – if you want any of us to take your business plan seriously, you had better show it to us. As a fantasy that exists only in your own hive mind, it’s having no impact in the real world whatsoever.
The lawyers’ letter criticises Avia for relying on anonymous interviews. It seems to have escaped RiverOak’s attention completely that RiverOak is relying entirely on anonymous investors to pony up the dosh for its Manston caper and has steadfastly refused to share so much as a name.
The letter criticises Avia for producing a report that is “without evidence”. Now that is a piece of comic genius. How many times have we asked RiverOak where their 10,000 cargo flights are going to come from in a completely flat air freight market? Or their 20,000 cargo flights? Or their 500,000 to 600,000 tonnes of freight? Or their cargo customers who won’t want a single night flight ever, no siree? We have never seen a jot of evidence to support these wild fantasies of a successful daytime cargo airport in Thanet that will knock spots off rival East Midlands Airport. Without evidence? That's RiverOak's favourite way of operating.
The letter criticises Avia for ignoring “six respected studies” that apparently support the RiverOak claim that there is loads and loads of air freight out there just swishing around looking for a UK airport to use. Bizarrely, the letter doesn’t go so far as to name any of these studies, not even one. Nope, not so much as a hint. We would say this was entirely “without evidence”, wouldn’t you?
Anyway, we can hardly wait to see this “detailed rebuttal” from RiverOak as and when the team can get around to writing it. Don't rush 'em - their crack team has only had four weeks so far in which to do this. Let’s hope that when it finally does reach daylight, this rebuttal is stuffed full of evidence; data; sources and names… unlike anything that RiverOak have produced to date."

BTW you do know Freudmann earnt £170K as a consultant to KCC in 2005 and KCC lost £100K when Planestation folded. A great track record.
So to the last group "Why Not Manston" I make no apology in posting the words of the TDC Leader (a man that you vilify at every opportunity)

"If you are dissatisfied with the rigor of the Avia report, then I trust you will apply the same standards to Riveroak's failure to supply any business plan that can be evidenced. After three years work, the charge of scandalous complacency sits with you (and all pro-Manston supporters My words not Chris's) as much as anyone else"
He further says:
"I say to you all and through you to Riveroak - Show me the Business case and the money"

Time and time again Riveroak has only one consistency and that is failure, failure to produce a viable business plan, failure to produce evidence of enough money, failure to do anything to further their case except words and more words. It is past time to produce a plan or sod off back to the US of A. And while you are at it take Freudmann with you.

So I will say the words that Chris felt he couldn't bring himself to say.

Riveroak put up or shut up


  1. Well said barry and Wells must resign too having promised and failed to open Manston

  2. Interesting comment seeing as Donald has just promised the electorate the earth and now he has won he is bust rowing back on his promises

  3. Mr Wells is not corrupt,other wise Riveroak&co would of been up and running and by now closing down airport options to wack up the nightmare of housing the airport supporters say they don't want.HD.