Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sprint Revival

In 2015 for the 1st time in many years the Westcliff reverberated with the noise of motorcycles andthe Ramsgate Sprint was revived. The crowds were huge and the money bought into Ramsgate was equally massive.

Imagine the surprise then that such a successful event was denied access to Government Acre due to a clash with "Lark in the Park"
Many people signed a petition and representation was made to TDC who had stated 1st come 1st served which caused an outrage. Newspaper reports showed how successful the event was so why not have both events.
"We Love Ramsgate" Facebook page rallied the troops and made the ruling party at TDC aware of how badly this was being handled by the officers and a meeting was convened between the organisers of "The Sprint Revival" and "Lark in the Park" and Councillors Fairbrass and Wells. An offer was made and both parties accepted after some thought.
The Organisers of the "Sprint Revival" made the following announcement

The organisers of Ramsgate Sprint Revival and Lark in the Park are celebrating all that is good in the community.
Ramsgate Sprint Revival and Lark in the Park have joined forces to create a spectacular free event for the community at Government Acre, Ramsgate during August 2016.
Lark in the Park will be open to the public from Thursday 11th August to Sunday 21st,
On the weekend of Saturday 13th August and Sunday 14th August they will be joined by the Ramsgate Sprint Revival. Both will have their own brand of entertainment and fun which will be free to all attending.
Both organisers are excited about this collaboration which will bring communities together."

So let's make both events a success and lets see more of this from last year.
The event last year won this award for a successful event so let's see if they can repeat the exercise.

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  1. Give it a couple of years and you'll have Ramsgate on the Map again,This is the time to invest in the area while its still at these prices.I'm coming forget Sevenoaks ect ect I can buy property and begin a new business for the same money,love it.