Monday, 8 February 2016

Sprint revival blog the aftermath

After posting my blog 48 hours ago I was pleasantly surprised at the volume of page views concerning the Sprint Revival. As of 5pm today there had been 200 shares and 1220 page views showing how interested people are at this event being put on the Ramsgate Calendar.
Imagine my surprise then when I was sent this screenshot off of another Facebook site.

Now in my time of being a blogger I'm sure that some of what I post could be misunderstood however in this case Kandy Jones is being extremely childish because no way was I taking personal credit for the Sprint Trophy being sorted and the various posts put on "We Love Ramsgate" by various members of the 4000 strong site did much to raise the profile of the issues involved. This included some of the organisers posting requests to lobby TDC onto the site however the quote Kandy posted from the original blog doesn't claim that I was taking credit. And then the usual suspects joined it and it gets more surreal.

"Toxic little troll" Now is this something I find funny seeing as the same credit was given to Chris Wells and Lin Fairbrass as you give in your posting above. I have only one question for you Can you actually read John? because if you can you certainly have a problem understanding what you read.

Well Clara for someone who has only lived here a short while you have certainly joined a very strange group of people. Jon what is the truth? Is it what comes out of John Davis's mouth especially concerning me, especially as we have never met and never mixed in any circles so I suggest you have a think about where he gets any information about me and who might be embellishing lies.

It seems very strange that those making extravagant claims about my integrity are all supporters of an American Real Estate Investment Company, a group who wish to destroy Ramsgate by bringing 33+ 747 Jumbos a day, a Company that have failed twice to convince TDC they are a reputable group of people to do business with.

To get back to the discussion at hand it seems somewhat ironic that John Davis and friends(?) decide that my comments imply I am taking credit (which I'm not) however they applaud John for working behind the scenes (how would they know unless he is out to big himself up) to get the parties together, however the truth is much more down to earth as Jo intimates above. When asked Chris Wells (the leader of the council and chair of the meeting) was asked this is his response.

Now I see no mention of any work done by John Davis so what reason is there for him to be taking credit. I suspect it may be more to do with his current position of Chairman of "Friends of Ramsgate Seafront" an organisation that lost its way and is desperate to get any form of publicity.

Here is a link back to the original blog Sprint Revival

For those that know I don't need to reiterate the lies being spread but for those that do not they include "Stealing a priceless covenant" and "accepting bribes from the former Labour administration to infiltrate local groups" and also "leaving Ramsgate in a hurry as I was about to be exposed". That last is funny as I made it known I was selling up in August 2014 and moved out in April 2015. My that was fast I hear you laugh.


  1. So Barry what's the real reason that so many people dislike you as you've demonstrated by the screenshots of post from other sites. What is it you're supposed to have done that is so so bad ? A mystery ?

    1. dislike me I doubt however bullies don't like it when you stand up to them. Seeing as I've never met a lot of them they can only be listening to rumours and hearsay. So you go figure

  2. Wee chavs stirring up trouble. ..

  3. Hello Barry,As a South Londoner who now lives in South America(Colombia)I when read what these people say and do laugh to myself.In the UK it could lead to a punch up (maybe a bit more)depends on the person who's being insulted) in Colombia it would be chopped up,thrown to the crocodiles(Alive)or one in the Nut,and everybody would turn a blind eye here! How you put up with these mugs I don't know,I don't stand for it in the UK or Colombia or any other Countries I visit,don't get me wrong im not the heavy weight champion of the world but I will defend myself to the death if need be.I open doors for women and always say thank you and please ECT etc naturally.Keep up the Blogs Barry,nice to see Truths being discussed,Thank You.Humpty Dumpty.

  4. Yet again we see Kandy Jones and the oh so desperate measures by her FORS hench boys doing all they can in a desperate attempt to make themselves look just that little bit better.
    Transparent as can be oh miss Kandy
    Davis, Light, Smee and the rest
    This is what they do the best

  5. I have been reading your blogs and notice the same group seem to have a dislike for you Barry.
    What is this Friends of Ramsgate group and who is Kandy Jones.
    Generally when you see these types of attacks onto another person it is due to some kind of hidden agenda or jealousy.
    I note in a few local forums on social media your name is mentioned in such a derogatory manor by the same names.
    Surely it should be about the event and not this glory hunting from the likes of the above.
    I do recall lengthy threads placed on the 'We Love Ramsgate' group page pleading with both parties to come together and appealing for the council to help and supporting the petition but don't think I have seen him taking credit.
    They do a good job on the We Love Ramsgate page so well done admin and everyone for raising the awareness.
    I think it is fair to presume you could produce a fairly good documentation of evidence against this group for some sort of action if this is ongoing bullying Barry?

    1. There is a certain group who seem to have common traits
      1. I've never met them
      2. they support the reopening of Manston
      3. They support a freight hub that will destroy Ramsgate
      4 they meet on the same FB pages
      5. They say all sorts of things which aren't true
      6. They seem to thrive on putting people down for expressing their views.

  6. I maybe wrong but when I was at the Manston cafe and eating a spitfire bab in March 2014 I think I met and spoke to a man hovering on the walkway to the cafe from the car park next to a small fruit trolley with a young woman selling fruit.The man told me he used to be local reporter and showed me an out of date reporters ID.I told this man a few Truths about Freudmann/RiverOak ECT etc and he never spoke to me again.The next time I went to the cafe woz the day the offer from RiverOak got a knock back and this man woz at the back door of the cafe with others looking and talking about me.I made 3/4 visits to the cafe one time to meet up with Freudmann and Marsh VP Annex Aviation. That day there wore 3 business men there one one of them was linked to the Chinese gateway business near by(Hes name escapes me hes worth about 10/20 million) Freudmann told me he's the local crook.Anyway I think that it woz this Smee I spoke to,am I Right?
    Anybody .HD.

  7. What is Wells doing messing about on Facebook for such nonsense rather than sorting out tdc. It looks like he's stalled

  8. Word of advice for Clara Gibson. There are 2 sides to every story. This is not the first time you have made a comment about Barry James on Facebook. You also made a nasty comment in the group which Barry James is an admin.I am a member of We Love Ramsgate and The Friends of Ramsgate Seafront. From what I understand you only recently moved to Ramsgate but I can tell you that Barry James has a lot more history with Ramsgate than you have and just because he has moved away doesn't mean to say he cannot get involved and still wants what's best for Ramsgate. I hear you run a successful business so may I suggest you refrain from making nasty comments about people on Social media. It might comeback to bite you in the a***

  9. Here here Anon 10:20.

  10. Who is Clara Gibson?

  11. An unuasual manston pickle post on sma seeking planning inspectorate approval to prevent the hangars being used. And an unusual press article from DP that they are almost full. Sounds like poop from both. And a wethrrspoons mega pub drinks licence to 1am

  12. I see sparklet is making vague threats again. So sparklet you still living with mummy and claiming unemployment benefit. What's the matter no time to look for work? Do the DWP know you aren't actively looking for work?
    Come on spill the beans what did BJ do? and why did he move to Southampton? or is that just talk you were hardly friends were you? who filled your head with crap?

  13. Who is sparklet

  14. Who is sparklet you ask 09:58.He is someone with good intentions to bring back the airport,but doesn't understand Business and is listening to other people who haven't got a clue? even though they have heard on the grape vine that nothing is what it seems with RiverOak/Freudmann and there very own MP sir Roger Gale.Like every Mother she can see no bad in her children even though she knows; The save Manston people have this same ideology!.HD.

  15. Planning inspectorate impressed with RO, looks like they accept that there is local support for an airport, will rely on previous environmental studies done years ago and will accept S106 agreement as planning permission as it does not restrict the number of flights. So all good to go with public consultation.

    1. You know that's the funniest post I've seen for years anon 12.02.
      Firstly you must live in a parallel universe if you read it like that. Secondly an EIA and Public inquiry will take us to 2018.
      You have to stop listening to Gale and Freudmann

    2. Anon 16.05 not listening to anyone just read the minutes that the planning inspectorate published of the meeting with RO. No objections have been raised to the DCO by anyone.

    3. Thats because an application hasn't been put in yet. Only advice so far has been sought.
      And they warned them about skimping on an EIA. Freudmann said a month he must be joking.

    4. RiverOak indicated a likely submission date of Q4 2016.
      The Inspectorate advised that this was a tight timeframe
      particularly with regard to environmental survey information and noted the risk that if sufficient preparatory work wasn’t completed during the Pre-application stage(including considering the scheme in sufficient detail) this could impact significantly during both the Acceptance and Examination proceedings if the application was accepted
      Seems a politely worded warning Anon