Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Eastcliffe Memorial Garden Part ii

This garden, in conjunction with Ramsgate Council nears completion. The area was originally a sundial but with no money for its upkeep it was looking sad.
2 days weeding and clearing the stones enabled the setting up of a poppy garden and an area in the front to plant commemorative crosses.
Creating a sign to display the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 took a few more days but looks the part.
Planting a cross which honours the fallen of Ramsgate I hope people will take the opportunity to plant a cross for their relatives.


  1. I shall miss the sundial after all these years, but your alternative is admirable.

  2. I have the garden until September when I understand it will be relandscaped

  3. I appreciate the sentiment and applaud the effort - but couldn't someone find some hessian sandbags?

    They are easy to buy online and only cost a few pence each.

    The white plastic does nothing to inspire the reverence and commemoration that I'm sure you're trying to achieve.

    Please take this as constructive criticism to help make a good idea better.

  4. If you get some and leave them up there I will swap over the sand. TDC didn't have any others