Monday, 13 January 2014

An iconic image being restored

The Royal Pavilion Ramsgate, empty since 2007, had become largely ignored and vandalised since Rank moved out to Westwood Cross.

So the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront decided to take a hand and spruce up the old girl over the weekend of 11/12th January 2014. Making an appeal for volunteers using their Facebook page and getting Ramsgate Town Council to pay for the paint work started on a bright Saturday morning.

The other main job was the digging out of the beach steps covered over by the tidal surge which also extended round the front of the building.
A special thanks also to the skateboarders who lent a hand painting and digging.

Volunteers were Barry, Duncan, Kandy, Matt, James, Dave, Abbie, Lucy, Will Scobie, Julie Marson and many people who turned up for an hour and helped before moving on.

So whatever happens with this iconic building it proves that local people want it looking good and preferably open.
Julie Marson said: “I congratulate the Friends of Ramsgate Seafront on their superb efforts to clear up and repaint the Pavilion over the weekend.
“It demonstrates real community spirit and commitment to Ramsgate and it shows that we can all play a part in making our towns places to be proud of.
“It was a pleasure to contribute in a small way and I look forward to more of the same.”

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  1. Well done Barry and others. Keep up the good work.

    If enough of us care we will drive out the rot.

  2. ***************************************************************************************************
    Forever Our Royal Seafront,.... Full Of Ramsgate Soldiers,
    Fuelled, Organised, Ramsgatonian, Society,... Flanked Outdated Regeneration Solutions